# Project Supporter Project No Project Title Project Executives Project Completion Date
1 MD-15-SP109B4G-1 Development of Design Guidelines for Proper Selection of Graded Aggregate Base in Maryland State Highways Res.Asst.
Assoc. Prof. Zülküf KAYA
2015 - 2015
2 FFY2010-PS01 Performance Analysis of Aggregate/Binder Combinations Used for the ODOT Chip Seal Program Res.Asst.
Assoc. Prof. Bekir AKTAŞ
2010 - 2011
3 OTCREOS7.1-16-F Quantifying the Costs and Benefits of Pavement Retexturing as a Pavement Preservation Tool Res.Asst.
Assoc. Prof. Bekir AKTAŞ
2010 - 2012
4 ÜNİPR 00/18 Comparison of Strength and Sulphate Resistance of PKÇ / B-32.5R and OP-42.5 Cement Concretes Project Manager
Prof. Tefaruk HAKTANIR
2001 - 2003