Horizontal Transition


ARTICLE 1. The provisions of this Regulation prepared in accordance with the paragraph (c) of Article 7 of the Higher Education Law No. 2547 are applied in the transition of the students from one higher education institution to another.

ARTICLE 2. Transitional Transfers shall be granted only at the beginning of the academic year in the higher education institutions applying the year system among the higher education institutions applying equivalent educational programs; The semester system is applied at the beginning of each semester at the applied higher education institutions and with the decision of the board of directors of the faculties and vocational schools applied for the transition before the start of the courses.

ARTICLE 3 Transitions shall be made in connection with the number of students who are to be transferred to faculties and vocational schools and whose number is not exceeding the difference between the entrance quota for the higher education institution and the current number of students in each class. However, the number of students following the education program is 3 in the range of 2, 50-100, 4 in the range of 100-150, 5 in the range of 150-200, and 6 in the range of 150-200 It can not be down.

ARTICLE 4. The student has to apply for the transfer application up to 10 days before the start of the school year or the semester for the higher education institution that he / she wants to pass. The faculty board of directors, in consideration of the transfer applications made to their institutions in each academic year, For each class, quotas are set based on the student quota of the institutions that the students may come in to provide the possibility of transition at the equivalent educational institutions. The applications of students who wish to transfer are subject to the order of succession rates among themselves, separately for each equivalent higher education institution. And the transition is provided according to the quota that is allocated to that institution. If the quota allocated to this institution is not filled, the remaining quota may be allocated to other institutions on the basis of the high point.

ARTICLE 5. No transition can be made to the first class or the first semester of the higher education institutions. For the transition to intermediate classes or semesters, B) At least 60% or equivalent of the grade point average (including grades for transfer or semester grades) provided in the course of study before or during the semester must be equivalent to the completion of all exams in the departing institution. However, in the event that the persons assigned to primary and permanent public services in public institutions and organizations are permanently assigned to another place, children who have not passed the age of 25 on which they are obliged to look after the child shall not be admitted from the beginning of the academic year to every class or semester except for the last semester or the last semester of the equivalent education program. They can be transferred within a month at the latest, provided that the score of their education program is higher than the lowest score of the program they will go to.

ARTICLE 6. For the transfer to be made to the last class or the last two semesters of the higher education institutions, B) At least 65% or equivalent of the general grade average (including final grade or transfer grade for the last two semesters) provided by the last semester or the last two semesters, c) The final grade or the last two half grades The transition grade must be at least 70% or equivalent. D) It is not possible to switch to last medical classes (family medicine class).

ARTICLE 7. In the event that the score of a student entering the higher education institution that he / she enters into the higher education institution is higher than the base score of the institution he / she wishes to go to and the number of the student's higher education institution specified in item 3 of this Regulation does not expire, the relevant management committees shall limit the success limits of 5th and 6th items of this Regulation to 50% Downloading can take a decision.

ARTICLE 8. If the applicants for the transfer exceed the quota stated in Article 3 of this Regulation of the higher education institution to which the student is going to be admitted, the student rankings shall be made according to the percentage of success stated in paragraph 3 of Article 5, paragraph (b) and paragraph 6 of Article 6. Starting from the most successful student, the students who will be accepted as transitions are determined. In the case of the last class or the beginning of the last two semesters, if the success rate in paragraph (1) of Article 6 is equal to the success rate in paragraph (c) "In the case of persons who are regularly and permanently assigned to public service in public institutions and organizations, spouses and children who are students to whom they are obliged to attend must comply with the provisions of Articles 5 and 6 of the Regulation if they apply to the equivalent higher education program at the place of appointment within one year They may be transferred according to their success status and transferred horizontally within the quota determined in the third item After the horizontal transfer of these students is made, the remaining quota shall be filled according to the provisions of the first paragraph of this Article.

ARTICLE 9. Transition from Central Open Higher Education and Outer Higher Education to Higher Education can not be made.

ARTICLE 10. Horizontal transfers between faculties, colleges and departments within the same university shall be regulated by the university administration boards within these guidelines.

ARTICLE 11. For the transition from the higher education institutions in foreign countries to the higher education institutions in our country, the student has studied at least one year (two semesters) in the foreign higher education institution excluding the foreign language preparatory class and has successfully passed the year-end exams. Other conditions have been fulfilled. The quotas to be determined for horizontal transfers from higher education institutions in foreign countries shall not exceed 1/3 of the quotas determined according to Article 3 of this Regulation. At the end of the first year (two semesters), no transition can be made at the end of the first year from the higher education institutions that have not been tested. However, if the mother or father of the student is in charge of the state service, returning to Turkey due to the end of the duty; If the worker makes a definite return, he / she has studied at least one semester except for the foreign language class and has passed the final exams successfully. These conditions apply equally to foreign students seeking transportation. However, the adjustment of the children of foreign diplomats who are serving in Turkey is carried out by the board of directors of the higher education institution. The quota of foreign students who are nationals of that country coming from foreign countries to be determined by the decision of the General Council of Higher Education shall not be subject to the limit stated in the first paragraph.

ARTICLE 12. This Regulation shall enter into force on the date of its publication.

ARTICLE 13. The provisions of this Regulation shall be executed by the President of the Higher Education Council.

PROVISIONAL ARTICLE. The deadline for submitting a horizontal transfer in Article 3 of this Regulation has been determined as 31 October 1982 in all educational institutions for the academic year 1982-1983.